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MKL Motors – Making Motoring Simple

The Nissan Navara is pick-up truck which was first produced in 1997 and is sold in Asia, Australia, Europe and the America’s. Nissan has been producing pick-up trucks for over 80 years now so it certainly has a great deal of expertise in the area.

The Navara is offered in the Double-Cab or King-Cab form, as well as chassis-cab option which takes specialist modifications. Both version of the Navara offer rear seats. The Double-Cab has the traditional bench at the back and four proper doors while the King-Cab has two cinema-style folding rear seats and small back doors which are hinged on the rear-most edge.

Nissan projects that 95% of their UK buyers will choose the Double-Cab due to the added cabin space. The Double-Cab models also get a completely different rear suspension set-up which has a fully independent multi-link design which is far more advanced the basic leaf-springs on the King-Cab pick-ups.

The latest Nissan Navara boasts a 2.3 litre diesel engine that is also used in Renault and Nissan van ranges. In its entry level it produces 158bhp or with twin turbos boosting it has an output of 187bhp. The standard gearbox is the 6 speed manual but there is also a 7 speed auto which is predicted to be popular in the high-spec versions. Specifiction levels of the Navara vary widely depend on which trim you choose, but the Tekna and N-Connecta also get the Nissanconnect 7 touchscreen sat nav. All the models do come with Nissan’s Forward Emergency Braking autonomous braking technology and 7 airbags which is great for helping the Navara achieve low insurance groupings.

In terms of fuel economy, the best Navara is the 2wd King-Cab with a 44.9mpg. However, even the dCi 190 (187bhp) engine manages an impressive 44.1mpg and also 169g/km of CO2. Unfortunately the 7 speed gearbox does have an effect on the economy but at 40.3mpg  and 183/kg its not a significant difference.

The choice between the Double-Cab and King-Cab simply comes down to the kind of usage the buyers are planning on utilising it for. The King-Cab is purely a working vehicle with its less advanced suspension while the Double-Cab which is likely to cover a far wider audience.

Nissan Navara Engines

for Sale:

Here at MKL Motors we have a great deal of experience in the automotive industry, and Nissan Navara engines have been one of our most popular models. We offer our clients both used and reconditioned engines, but due to the nature of the excessive usage of the Navara’s, we feel that a

reconditioned Navara engine

is the better option.

So what is a reconditioned engine? A reconditioned Nissan Navara engine is one that has been disassembled, examined for worn components and then rebuilt with brand new ones. This process of reconditioning an engine ultimately restores it closer to its original manufacturing standard. As a result, it is now considered to have ‘zero’ miles.

As well as offering

Navara engine replacements

, we also offer full fitting and vehicle recovery services to simplify the client experience.

Get in touch with our friendly customer service team now for a no obligation quote or free expert advice.

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